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Adult Class

The class begins Tuesday, January 14 from 2.00pn to 4.00pm in the Upper Room for 12 weeks. In the winter semester, the Adult Class has chosen to study another of The Great Courses – The World of Biblical Israel. The course is taught by Dr. Cynthia Chapman, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences.

This course traces the history of biblical Israel from its origins in the central highland villages just west of the Jordan River (1200 BCE) to its emergence as a nation, and, then, a pair of kingdoms. It examines the impact of political and military domination by the successive empires of Assyria and Babylonia that resulted in the disappearance of the northern kingdom of Israel and the exile of the southern kingdom of Judah to Babylonia. The catastrophic experience of the exile served as the impetus for compiling, editing, and preserving scripture. - For further information, contact Lorne Ogden

We are now most gratefully accepting donations of BOOKS of all kinds (except Reader’s Digest), DVDs/CDs, PUZZLES (not missing any pieces) and


As always, the proceeds of the Book Sale will go to financially support the Vacation Church School which we run as a free outreach to our church and neighbourhood community.

Books for sale can be dropped off at the church on Sundays or at other times when the church is open. Questions about what material we accept can be directed to Allison Thornton or Lorne Ogden

April 22 - 25