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2225 New Street, Burlington, ON

Welcome to Burlington Baptist Church
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Adult Study Class: The next Adult Study Class will begin on Tuesday, January 30. It will be studying “How Jesus Became God” (2014), another of The Great Courses from The Teaching Company. It is taught by Professor Bart D. Ehrman, the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For further information, contact Lorne Ogden.

Other Notices

Return of Church Keys…. The Property and Finance Committee would appreciate the return to the Church Office of any keys that are no longer being used. Thank you

Security of our Church Premises

A respectful reminder to all Church Groups, Committees, Teams and other Users of Burlington Baptist Church premises: please make sure all outside doors are locked when you leave the building. This may mean checking the control to the left of the East Door, to make sure the control is set to 'OUT ONLY'. Thank you for your co-operation.

Help for Circle of Friends

Our church is one of the partners sponsoring Circle of Friends (CoF) that meets at noon on Wednesdays at Burlington Baptist Church. We could use your help as CoF meet for a hot meal, conversation and offer information about opportunities to socialize in the community. We need help with some smaller tasks to lighten the work load:

 prepare on Tuesday in the church kitchen.


If you have some time, please call or email the office at Burlington Baptist Church 905-634-2477,

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