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2225 New Street, Burlington, ON

Welcome to Burlington Baptist Church
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Burlington Baptist Church has a rich and interesting history. The church began in the nineteen fifties as a suburban church in a small town. By the beginning of the twenty first century, the church evolved into a mature central city church in a city that is no longer small or suburban. Throughout those years the church continued to preach and live the Gospel of Christ with dynamism and vigour that has had a mighty impact on individual lives and the community.

Baptist roots in Burlington actually go back one hundred years earlier to 1850. However, between 1930 and 1952 there was no Baptist Church affiliated with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. A group of women in a Mission Circle maintained links with the Convention through those years. In 1952, a small group of people representing 20 families decided to start a new Baptist Church affiliated with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. This group met in homes and a local Girl Guides Lodge until the first church building was erected.

In 1952, the Burlington and area was growing rapidly as a result of the post world war baby boom and the suburban development in the Golden Horseshoe area at the head of Lake Ontario. The Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec purchased a vacant lot at the corner of New Street and Bridgman. This lot was on the edge of Burlington of that day with open fields behind it. To-day, it is in the heart of a mature city.

The first building was opened in 1954 to be followed by expansions and major renovations in 1960, 1972, and 1989. To-day’s building features a semi round sanctuary that can seat 350 people and also be used for other functions. The semi round building architecture reflects what the people of Burlington Baptist believe about themselves and their relationship to God. The building itself symbolizes that the church is “family” committed to God in Christ and to each other. To-day’s building is not only home for congregational worship and activities, but is used by various community groups.

The Ministers have been catalysts and facilitators for congregational life as well as pastors. Burlington Baptist Church has been fortunate with the quality of its staff ministerial leadership over the years. To-day, Minister Rev. Dave Ogilvie maintains that tradition of excellence.