Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement

We, the congregation of Burlington Baptist Church, are a questing, reflecting community of individuals, called by God and united by faith in Jesus Christ.

We share in a goodly heritage of the Baptist tradition, characterized by mutual respect, soul liberty, equality, deep conviction and commitment.

Illuminated and empowered by the Word, we discern the needs of those among and near us, and of all those whose lives we affect both locally and globally. We strive to do justice and we offer sanctuary, love and care to all.

Centred in the Word, our worship is expressed through proclamation, music, praise and prayer, and in our service to humanity.

  We embrace and celebrate God in our lives.

Vision Statement

To be an increasingly welcoming, inclusive, and nurturing Christian community of faith that provides a spiritual home for all ages and actively promotes social justice.

Who we are

We are a Christian community of faith in the greater Burlington area.

We are a caring congregation of people that support each other and serve the community.

We convey the powerful Christian message of love and hope that transforms and strengthens human lives.

We are an open congregation that includes people from a variety of backgrounds and cooperates with churches of other denominations and other faith groups.

We are affiliated with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists and The Gathering of Baptists.